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The BullVerse Android app is now officially live on the Google Play Store! 🎉

If you're an Android user, head over to the link below to download and experience the app for the first time 📲


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Me right now! Haha 😅
7 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 12

This week, volume was overall much better than last week. We had multiple million dollar runners

Play On Words Meta
$mob -> hit $8m , "money over bitches"
$wif -> hit $3 .3m, "wallahi I'm finished", CTO by some big names in the space
$mia -> hit $920k , "missed it again"
$btc -> hit $575k , "buy this cat"
- Fire meta

Make More Bread
$bread -> hit $1 .78m, just a loaf of bread

Cat Meta
$mongy -> $3 .56m to $11 .28m (3.17x), team continues to push
$bub -> $1 .26m to $4 .1m (3.25x), CTO based on a viral cat
$cult -> hit $1 .8m
$sad -> hit $870k , $relax dev (hit $1 .8m), heavily sniped once it hit raydium, KOLs involved
$smol -> hit $490k

Matt Furie Memes
$ducky -> hit $3 .6m
$floppy -> hit $970k , Matt Furie type meme
$mikkey -> hit $870k , "girls club", beta to Matt_Furie's "boys club"

More Cooks
$orc -> $2 .14m to $5 .72m (2.67x), based on Davincij15's tweet, bitget listing announced
$retiredio -> $54k to $400k (7.4x), $retardio beta, CTO
$bro -> hit $4 .3m, CTO led by trusted people, dog meme
$sigma -> hit $3m
$beast -> hit $2 .86m, coin based on MrBeast (not actually related to him)
$rent -> hit $994k , $landlord beta, launched on dexscreener's moonshot
$psyop -> hit $800k , vc chaotic asf, website links to CIA lol
$fade -> hit $260k , CTO, good meme

I miss seeing true communities form out of these memes

Weekends are for touching grass

Did you cook? 🍜
7 days ago
Don’t forget to do this!!!
8 days ago
🐧🚀 PengyOS delivers daily to their followers, keeping them entertained and amazed.

Pengy our mascot, is a dedicated web3 dev creating the Solana HUB to amaze the blockchain.💎

Memes + web3 molded into the new era of memecoins.💫

Integrate your project and become a $POS holder! ✨
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Automated scalping strategy update #3

As expected, I was able to gain very good insights with the actual market conditions

➳ With many red trades, I realized many errors were left into the code, I had to really carefully examine the trades and this allowed me better positionning for lower volume market conditions.

➳ By reducing the amount of trades with important filters, we can have a higher ratio of winners vs losers.

➳ Security and momentum are the key components of the strategy, since I am not sniping tokens launch.

➳ How to find good momentum will follow in another update.
11 days ago
Announcing holder rewards! Moving forward, we will be airdropping $MIM to random holders! Get rewarded just for holding!

Every month on the 15th the $MIM council harvests LP rewards from its massive MIM/SOL LP holding. We’re going to be sending 50% of the $MIM out to true holders.

The amount of recipients and amount of $MIM are entirely dependent on volume. We are scaling through a range of 25-100 recipients for the time being.

All you need to do is hold 1M $MIM or more. The snapshot will be taken randomly during the month and users selected randomly. We will provide more specific information about this on the days of the airdrops.
14 days ago
Must have been one expensive Hyundai👀
14 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 5

$sol bounces off of support, for market to resume its uptrend (short-term), we'd like to see a break of $155

Billy Soars Regardless Of Market Conditions
$billy -> $96 .5m to $164m (1.7x)
$holly -> hit $8 .65m, bundled, rumors that it was ran by the same guys as $billy

Matt Furie Characters
$doggs -> $10 .55m to $24m (2.27x), good team & market makers
$mojo -> hit $2m

Moonshot Launches
$landlord -> $2 .32m to $6 .1m (2.63x), on dexscreene's moonshot
$jacky -> hit $1 .5m, cat meme

Cat Memes
$milly -> hit $3 .2m, CTO, this meme has been done twice previously
$relax -> hit $1 .8m, pushed by KOLs, same dev as $chill that hit $1m
$omni -> hit $660k , CTO

Dog Memes
$buddy -> hit $1m , CTO by a $billy whale
$dolly -> hit $575k , dog version of $dolly
$boppy -> hit $520k , CTO

More Cooks
$otti -> hit $1 .88m
$grass -> hit $1 .65m, "Touch Grass", CTO
$nothing -> hit $400k

Lately everything is a "CTO"

Any project where dev is still in is lowkey bearish nowadays lmao
16 days ago
Automated scalping strategy update #2

The bleeding market of today is the perfect occasion to stress test the strategy

➳Security: As it is fully automated, we have to use any type of telegram scanner bot; by checking the bot's reply we can ensure the token doesn't have any red flags. If anything red pops up, dont bother with this token.

➳ Momentum: make sure the token has been up by a significant % in the last timeframe (1h and 5min).

➳Volume: volume in the last 5min is rather important, you don't want to be left in a trade for a few hour to be dumped later.

➳Always adjust parameters to follow the market condition; you can lower the Take Profits if it's a low volume day.

Again, the insights gained by this fully red day are going to be extremely valuable.
Astro peng
16 days ago
The daily income of pumpdotfun has just exceeded that of #Ethereum 🚀

How to explain it and what trends are emerging?

Imagine an app that combines pump fun, dexcreener and Twitter - it's got to be brilliant!

Silly me, it already exists 🥴
17 days ago
In response Astro peng to his Publication
Between Elon wanting to chip us and Worldcoin wanting our iris, I don't know where we're going
18 days ago
Is $HERO just another Sahil celeb scam?



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Weekly rewards will be distributed to the most active users on BullVerse!

Check your rank on the leaderboard.
Astro peng
19 days ago
The most important thing is to know your risk management.
19 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - June 29

Weekends are best to touch grass

Low volume - Market is very PvP

Billy Wants All-Time-High
$billy -> $24m to $88m (3.67x from the low)

Billy Deployer Wallet Private Key Leaked
$silly -> $980k , CTO, launched on $billy 's deployer wallet

Popcat Continues Pushing
$popcat -> $211m to $663m (3.14x from the low)

Soulja Boy Comeback
$sboy -> $1m to $6m (6x),

Dog Memes
$chucky -> hit $2m , normie meme
$dilly -> hit $1 .7m
$nelly -> hit $922k , CTO
$bilchi -> hit $500k , $michi derivative

Cat Memes
$itty -> $145k to $950k (6.55x)
$cat -> hit $3 .4m, Lion Cat
$yami -> hit $473k

Long Term Holds
$retardio -> $12 .5m to $40m (3.2x from the low)
$lockin -> $5m to $18 .4m (3.68x), normie + CT meme
$aura -> $5m to $17m (3.4x from the low), good team

More Cooks
$doogle -> $3 .85m to $9 .3m (2.41x)
$chwy -> $2 .7m to $9 .5m (3.5x)
$kama -> $1 .67m to $5 .14m (3x),
$meesa -> $1m to $4 .15m (4.15x)
$palmy -> $300k to $1 .81m (6x)
$oblock -> hit $2 .4m
$smc -> hit $450k , good website, CTO
$mango -> hit $425k , "Mango Juul"

Happy Sunday 🤝
20 days ago
🌊We are back introducing Bullverse in our special episode of Pengy Daily Degens.🐧

Join them on their way to the moon.🌕💫


The Utility memecoins are bringin the new meta.💪
20 days ago
If you're a new trader, I recommend taking initials out at 2-3x

On top of minimizing risk, this teaches you to have a system in place

Once you understand your trading style, you can up the stakes

Trading systematically > Trading Emotionally
21 days ago (E)
GM Bullverse,🐧

PengyOS Services are available to all Projects now.💫

Get your App listed on our Solana HUB.✅

We offer your Project visibility on our App / Web.📳

SAGA / Android / ChromeOS 💻

Safari / Chrome / Firefox.

We also launched a series called 'Pengy Daily Degens´.🎉

Every Project that gets listed to PengyOS will be featured in a Portrait of the series.📷💎
22 days ago (E)
The key points of the automated strategy I'm currently testing:

• Using a custom python script to forward specific contract adress
to telegram bots
• Private server to run the script 24 hours a day
• Only taking small profits on each trades (10%-20%)
• Using natural token momentum (trending or launch)
23 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - June 26

We never know how long a hot market will last

Take advantage of all opportunities

Political Coins
$vunce -> hit $682k , based on JDVance1
, potential for him to become Trump's VP
$debate -> hit $510k , realDonaldTrump vs POTUS
debate is tomorrow

Amber Rose Launching Soon
$amber -> hit $685k , DaRealAmberRose
, she has NOT launched yet
$muva -> hit $510k
- Fake coins coming out
- People are speculating that her coin might have already launched
- Important to note, $jason was rugged by Sahil & Jason Derulo then "CTO'd" that coin
- People are now waging that the same playbook will be ran by other influencers

Jason Derulo Engages with Crypto Twitter
$jason -> $11 .5m to $36 .8m (3.2x),

$ice -> hit $500k , Jason's Dog

Influencer Coins
$lilpump -> $2 .32m to $5 .5m (2.37x), coming back to life as
lilpump tries to push it $faddy -> hit $1 .6m,

Cat Memes
$sc -> $325k to $5 .4m (13.23x)
$bobby -> hit $3 .3m, good CTO team
$gloop -> hit $2 .3m, instantly ran to millions after migrating to raydium
$ichi -> hit $595k , when you search "cat", this is the first one to pop up on Google, CTO

Moni Secures a Gotbit Partnership
$moni -> hit $17 .1m, bird meme,

Hawk Tuah Still Alive
$HawkTuah -> $5 .29m to $15 .5m (2.93x),
elonmusk posted a picture of a hawk

More Cooks
$bucky -> $4 .5m to $24 .5m (5.44x), good team
$gol -> $465k to $5m (10.75x), dead coin came back to life
$zaza -> $590k to $2m (3.39x), slowly climbing towards ATH
$sprite -> $400k to $1 .1m (2.75x), "McDonald's Sprite"
$gond -> hit $1 .8m
$ily -> hit $970k , CTO on an old coin
$saudi -> hit $808k , "Saudi Habibi"
$ham -> hit $800k , "first ape on the moon", launched on
dexscreener's moonshot
$cart -> hit $735k , Target Cart Basket

Remember to prioritize risk management at all times

You should not be stressed while in a trade as this will make you act emotionally

Happy Trading🤝
23 days ago (E)
We just added $12000 to the $GBOY Liquidity pool and then BURNED IT ALL FOREVER

Just another step to strengthening our project and proving we're building for the long-term

Added LP tx:

Burn LP tx:

Show us another community takeover that does what we do time and time again...

That's almost $20k ,000 added to the LP and burned in the past few months

A successful NFT mint

And our game (first PvP for crypto on Telegram ever) about to enter testing
$GBOY is going to takeover

The question is, are you prepared?
Astro peng
23 days ago (E)
Before asking yourself if a project will make me rich, ask yourself if this project is close to your heart, if I have the courage to put up with the stupidity of others on a negative level, and finally if this project is really useful and will still be around in 10 or 20 years' time. After that, yes, this project will make you rich.

Bullverse meets all these criteria. It's not even about pure finance, it's about adventure. It's not just a social network, it's a success story. If for some people selling is a question of clothes, for me it's this gem that's going to be a runaway success that those who sold at 5% will regret. Thank you for selling it to me to build 99% of my life.
24 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - June 25

Volume rotates back into memes as $sol pumps

First PumpFun coin to $1b +
$dorae -> hit $2b
$dorami -> hit $1m , "Doraemon's little sister"
- Many are very confused where this came from
- Extremely bundled (98% of supply bought by the dev)
- Less than 1000 holders
- Weird market cap vs liquidity ratio

Influencer Coins
$jason -> $5 .4m to $17 .9m (3.31x),
jasonderulo makes content promoting his new token
$lilpump -> $1 .1m to $3 .14m (2.85x)
$metal -> hit $2 .8m, Metallica got hacked, the hacker was posting a bunch of tweets promoting $metal . These have now been deleted
$mini -> hit $1 .7m, NSFW airikaca launch
$amber -> hit $530k ,
DaRealAmberRose hints at a launch (she has not officially launched yet), Sahil (notorious scammer) launches his own
$purpp -> hit $500k , smokepurpp launch

First Movers on Moonshot
$first -> $1 .73m to $8 .7m (5.02x), first coin on
dexscreener's moonshot $mc -> hit $7 .4m, MoonCat, "first meme cat launched on moonshot"
$md -> hit $998k , "MoonDog", CTO
$vivook -> hit $3 .9m, redacted VivekGRamaswamy
, new speculation arises that Vivek might become realDonaldTrump VP $truth -> hit $509k , Vivek's slogan

Animal Memes
$doogle -> $960k to $3 .61m (3.76x), good team
$bucky -> hit $8 .7m, rumors that it's the same team as $ponke
$sc -> hit $2m , "Star Cat", supported by MeteoraAG

$him -> hit $1 .7m, Asian + Cat meta, CTO
$chuck -> hit $478k , dog meme

More Cooks
$nobita -> hit $1 .3m, CTO
$sprite -> hit $630k , "McDonald's Sprite"
$caviar -> hit $491k , good team
$jar -> hit $425k , based on
aeyakovenko's tweet

It's clear that the memecoin space is highly dependent on majors

When majors pump, memecoin volume increases & vice versa
25 days ago
Yesterday’s biggest mistake? I faded $JASON at 40k after randomly seeing his tweet 3 hours late😂 Had a feeling it wasn’t dead yet and that Sahil wanted another pump.

Lesson to trust your gut!
26 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - June 23

Volume continues to decline

Market feels very PvP at the moment, focus on preserving capital

Jason Derulo Launches a coin
$jason -> hit $5 .7m
jasonderulo claims that Sahil (notorious influencer coin scammer) manipulated him for this launch
- Sahil posted the coin on his tg, market cap went from $115k to $1 .7m
- Price back down to $30k mc, and started to stagnate
- Jason posted saying he bought $20k worth & claims he's dedicated to his coin

YNW Melly Launches a coin while being incarcerated
$melly -> hit $537k ,

Influencer Coins
$afroman -> hit $513k , Afroman launches a coin ogafroman
, beta to $daddy
$tyga -> hit $408k , Sahil's launch, based on Tyga

Arabic Meta
$saif -> hit $2 .4m, cat meme, very active community
$abu -> hit $918k , penguin meme, 100+ people in vc
$hapepe -> hit $835k , habibi + $pepe

Scrat Launch
$scrat -> hit $90 .5m, heavily bundled, same team as $peng

CTO's with Good Communities
$genie -> $400k to $1 .7m (4.25x), based on Cobratate

$bicho -> $350k to $2 .2m (6.28x), dog meme
$shrub -> hit $1 .4m,
elonmusk's wife's hedgehog
$genie -> hit $855k , $pepe + genie, pushed by some callers
$lord -> hit $712k , 125+ people in vc, lord of the rings +Matt_Furie

More Cooks
$steve -> $1m to $6m (6x), good art & community
$bag -> $300k to $820k (2.73x), ikea bag
$wood -> hit $1 .1m, "tryna hold this wood"
$bif -> hit $870k , $brett + $wif
$ohno -> hit $500k , monkey meme, KOLs onboard, good community

Weekends are usually slow, looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings us

Lock in
26 days ago
gm 🦊 amics,

Development on the Kitsune Webapp is well underway, this means:

- Likes will be recorded as R2E Stats again, bypassing the "private likes" on X.

- Follows and Bookmarks are now R2E Stats with their own weightings towards rewards.

- Raids can be done entirely in Telegram, you will not even have to open Twitter/X to participate in raids.

- Botting is made close to impossible.

Have a great week!
28 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - June 21

Low volume as majors continue to decline

Lots of rugs, be safe

Utility Play
$meba -> hit $1 .5m, launched on
pumpdotfun working game

Wif Deployer Wallet CTO
$pinkguy -> $78k to $650k (8.33x), launched by the same dev as $wif

50 cent gets hacked, hacker posted a coin on his profile
$gunit -> hit $6 .5m, the hacker studied 50cent
, he was typing just like him

Cat Meta
$itty -> hit $3 .5m, CTO
$lola -> hit $1 .4m
$cutie -> hit $560k , good CTO team

Dog Meta
$zaza -> hit $2 .5m, "highest dog on solana", good CTO team

Normie Approved
$HawkTuah -> $1 .4m to $18m (12.9x), based on a viral video, KOLs backing this

Matt Furie Memes
$birddog -> $3m to $18m (6x), 3 month old CTO
$doogle -> $420k to $3 .9m (9.29x),
, good content
$landpepe -> hit $667k , $wolf + $pepe

Good Content
$slumbo -> hit $4 .5m
$steve -> hit $1 .7m, hyped launch with good art
$lean -> hit $1 .5m, lots of whales aped
$zeke -> hit $886k , rugged

More Cooks
$vespa -> hit $1 .1m, speculation that $sc team were CTO'ing this
$hard -> hit $980k , backed by big names

Remember to touch grass & enjoy your weekend!
29 days ago
Who is going to CTO Sol?
30 days ago

Gmoo $MooCat fam

It's moo szn