4 hours ago

1. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Shot in the Ear

2. President Joe Biden tested positive to COVID-19

3. $SOL hits $170 today ( now at $169 )

4. As a Result of no.1, Trump based memecoins and Ear based memecoins have been experiencing a price surge

5. Global outage after cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike
faulty update crashes Windows affecting companies and organizations.
5 hours ago
Donald Trump vows to keep Crypto and Bitcoin innovation in the USA and protect self-custody rights.
5 hours ago
Microsoft CrowdStrike Security Software Down Causes GLOBAL OUTAGE:-

Major banks, media outlets, airlines, offices, hospitals, and businesses worldwide are experiencing significant IT outages.
5 hours ago

- BTC: $66 ,940
- ETH: $3 ,517
- SOL: $169
5 hours ago
Court documents reveals that Binance has received court approval to put customer fiat funds into US Treasury Bills.
5 hours ago
$9 .60 million in SHORT positions have been liquidated as the $SOL price surged to $172 .

The single largest short liquidation was $574K at $161 .
8 hours ago
Onboarding new users into the crypto space has also been complicated. A mixture of confusing technology and unnecessarily complicated jargon repels newbies from diving into the Web3 world.

Moonshot, a new mobile app, aims to simplify the entire process. Abstracting away any mention of blockchain technology, Moonshot gives people what they want - quick, simple access to Solana’s meme coin markets.

Moonshot is a simple iOS mobile application that allows users to buy Solana-based meme coins using trusted payment methods. Powered by MoonPay, Moonshot users can fund their accounts directly using Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay, as well as their credit and debit cards.

8 hours ago
Solana Name Service (SNS) has open-sourced its smart contract so now, everyone and anyone can see and examine it.

It's a new era of transparency and innovation for .sol domains.
8 hours ago
Just seven months ago, the solana DeFi ecosystem held less than $1 billion in combined total value locked (TVL) across all protocols.

Today, the ecosystem boasts four individual protocols exceeding $1 billion in TVL, driving the total TVL to nearly $5 billion.
10 hours ago
Solana's DEX volume dominance hits a new ATH, accounting for 29.67% of monthly DEX activity across blockchains.
11 hours ago
Crypto Community Smug About Global IT Outage, But Does Blockchain Actually Fix This?
A software bug invoked international hysteria when a bug in a Windows content update shut down banks, airlines, and emergency services.

Showcasing the world’s reliance on centralized systems, a global IT outage brought the world to its knees. Across the planet, major service providers like banks, supermarkets, and logistics companies found themselves unable to operate, causing significant disruption.

Eager to prove its relevance, the crypto community was quick to launch a tirade of smug comments. “Crypto fixes this” was heard across social media platforms, with crypto advocates championing blockchain as an obvious solution to singular points of failure.

But is that truly the case? While decentralization aims to eliminate centralized points of failure, would blockchain solutions actually have prevented this widespread technical meltdown?

What Happened?
The chaos began when CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity provider, pushed a defective single content update to Windows hosts. The bug affected millions of Microsoft Windows devices all over the world, causing infinite reboot loops and leaving users staring at Windows’ infamous BSoD (Blue Screen of Death).

Attempting to bring clarity to the situation CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz, released a statement on 𝕏. Assuring affected users that “this is not a security incident or cyberhack”, the CEO claims that “the issue has been identified, isolated, and a fix has been deployed”.

While Kurtz has indicated that a fix has been deployed, Windows users globally report still being unable to access their devices.

Fortunately, savvy developers were on hand to remedy the situation and provide timely solutions.

Affected users can reboot their Windows devices in Safe Mode and delete the defective update file, or wait until CrowdStrike implemented resolution is distributed.

CRWD stock

In traditional markets, CrowdStrike stock (CRWD) suffered a crippling blow, down 8.82% in today’s trading, based on NASDAQ data. While this might seem insignificant when compared to crypto’s volatility, price movements of this scale are uncommon in traditional markets.

Does Crypto Really Fix This?
The crypto community wasted no time calling out the flaws of centralized systems and singular points of failure. Citing mass outages like today’s as evidence that decentralized systems are the future of infrastructure, crypto advocates were quick to leverage the event as an example of “Bitcoin fixes this”.

However, not all pockets of the crypto community were in agreement. Several blockchain developers and engineers highlighted that in this specific example, pushing bugged code to production would likely have the same effect to blockchain networks.

Despite the specifics and technicalities, the event serves as a powerful reminder of the flaws in centralized services and singular points of failure. Commentators remarked that society’s reliance on centralized companies and infrastructure providers doesn’t bode well for our future.

This belief reinforces the viability of DePin technology, which aims to distribute services across a variety of independent providers and establish more secure and reliable infrastructure. Frank Mathis, founder of GenesysGo, highlights the importance of conducting rigorous security checks before pushing software updates.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology may not have been a direct solution to this particular problem. However, global outages like the CrowdStrike defect help to promote discussion around the benefits of decentralization and distributed systems.
Rich Soon
14 hours ago
What up
19 hours ago
Do you remember what $GBOY is building?

More than just a memecoin

More than just a video game

More than just an NFT collection

We're about to drop the most comprehensive nostalgia-based PvP gaming ecosystem and allow ANYONE with Telegram to have full access to it

Greatness is coming

Are you prepared?
Astro peng
19 hours ago
Grayscale launches a new private fund in “decentralized AI” which contains 5 cryptos:

1- $NEAR
2- $FIL (I would not have put it in this category)
3- $RNDR
4- $LPT
5- $TAO

Tristan Tate
19 hours ago
Astro peng
19 hours ago
🇺🇸 Donald Trump will organize a private fundraiser in Nashville on July 27 as part of the Bitcoin Conference 2024.

A place to participate in a round table in his presence will cost $844 ,600, and a photo with the presidential candidate $60 ,000.
Astro peng
19 hours ago
The summary of the news #crypto

1) The German government has confirmed that it has sold all of its bitcoin accumulated during various seizures, for reasons of a legal deadline

2) Discussions are open to reinstate staking in certain ETF's spot ETH (the big launch is still planned for next Tuesday)

3) State Street, 4th US manager with 4,000 billion under management, explores the possibility of creating its own stablecoin

4) According to Ki Young Ju, the OTC market now largely predominates on the spot, which itself is at a historic low point of 3 years in terms of transactions carried out by individuals

5) Ethereum is still well ahead in terms of revenue generated in 2024 with 1.42 billion. Solana for example is 4th with 135 million

6) Donald Trump considers Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, as treasury secretary in the event of election, the latter in turn miraculously changing his mind on #crypto

7) In terms of cycle, the #Bitcoin   halving Progress is now at 6%

8) The current technical zone on $BTC is around $65k and it should be complex to cross

9) Mt Gox has already transferred around 40% of the Bitcoin which has been returned to customers (notably through Kraken)

10) Leading exchange in India Wazirix was exploited for a total of $235 million, North Korean hackers from the Lazarus Group could be behind it

11) The SP500 & Nasdaq correct on the US market

12) A documentary series “What the Punk” is available on Arte

13) The fees of the different ETF's spot on $ETH should be around 0.20 to 0.25%
Astro peng
19 hours ago
💬🏹 “We want to start using blockchain technologies to power more and more things”

“I think we can do more with blockchain”
“We can tokenize real-world assets and make them much more efficient.”

These are the words of Johann Kerbrat, general manager of Robinhood Crypto.

Robinhood intends to integrate blockchain more deeply into its products and services.

20 hours ago
$MOOMIN is a safe bet

50k MC growing organicaly will not get u to 0
Tristan Tate
23 hours ago
1 day ago
The Hall of Fame is heating up! 🔥

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If Kamala says “what can be unburdened by what has been” in the VP debate I’m turning it off.
The Real World
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Are you good enough on your WORST day?
Greek God Fitness
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Full Body Workout:
1 day ago
This week BullVerse made big moves

Don’t be caught trying to fade it or watching from the outside.

Bid your entry now 🐂🐂📝✅
TJ E Wolcott
1 day ago
Hitting 2 Billion
Rich Soon
1 day ago
Hamster kombat daily combo and cipher
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Good evening everyone 🌌
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Good CTO btw

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