7 hours ago
Onboarding new users into the crypto space has also been complicated. A mixture of confusing technology and unnecessarily complicated jargon repels newbies from diving into the Web3 world.

Moonshot, a new mobile app, aims to simplify the entire process. Abstracting away any mention of blockchain technology, Moonshot gives people what they want - quick, simple access to Solana’s meme coin markets.

Moonshot is a simple iOS mobile application that allows users to buy Solana-based meme coins using trusted payment methods. Powered by MoonPay, Moonshot users can fund their accounts directly using Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay, as well as their credit and debit cards.

8 hours ago
Solana Name Service (SNS) has open-sourced its smart contract so now, everyone and anyone can see and examine it.

It's a new era of transparency and innovation for .sol domains.
8 hours ago
Just seven months ago, the solana DeFi ecosystem held less than $1 billion in combined total value locked (TVL) across all protocols.

Today, the ecosystem boasts four individual protocols exceeding $1 billion in TVL, driving the total TVL to nearly $5 billion.
10 hours ago
Solana's DEX volume dominance hits a new ATH, accounting for 29.67% of monthly DEX activity across blockchains.
Astro peng
19 hours ago
The summary of the news #crypto

1) The German government has confirmed that it has sold all of its bitcoin accumulated during various seizures, for reasons of a legal deadline

2) Discussions are open to reinstate staking in certain ETF's spot ETH (the big launch is still planned for next Tuesday)

3) State Street, 4th US manager with 4,000 billion under management, explores the possibility of creating its own stablecoin

4) According to Ki Young Ju, the OTC market now largely predominates on the spot, which itself is at a historic low point of 3 years in terms of transactions carried out by individuals

5) Ethereum is still well ahead in terms of revenue generated in 2024 with 1.42 billion. Solana for example is 4th with 135 million

6) Donald Trump considers Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, as treasury secretary in the event of election, the latter in turn miraculously changing his mind on #crypto

7) In terms of cycle, the #Bitcoin   halving Progress is now at 6%

8) The current technical zone on $BTC is around $65k and it should be complex to cross

9) Mt Gox has already transferred around 40% of the Bitcoin which has been returned to customers (notably through Kraken)

10) Leading exchange in India Wazirix was exploited for a total of $235 million, North Korean hackers from the Lazarus Group could be behind it

11) The SP500 & Nasdaq correct on the US market

12) A documentary series “What the Punk” is available on Arte

13) The fees of the different ETF's spot on $ETH should be around 0.20 to 0.25%
1 day ago
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Solana-based Helio introduces Auto-Transfer, a feature that converts crypto purchases to fiat and transfers them directly to merchants' bank accounts, simplifying transactions on platforms like Shopify and Woo.
3 days ago
What Solana is Building 🏗️

Despite the price action and memecoin markets, Solana’s most bullish developments have been technological

Dive into the innovations driving Solana forward 👇
4 days ago
Solana surpasses $25 million in weekly NFT sales volume.

Top Solana NFT collections by volume:

▶️ Send it: $3 .58 million
▶️ Froganas: $3 .1 million
▶️ Mad Lads: $2 .38 million
4 days ago (E)
The weekend’s shock assassination attempt on Donald Trump provided plenty of ammunition for Solana’s PolitiFi meme market.

Which coins lived to see another day onchain??

Always willing to make light of any serious situation, the crypto community wasted no time trading memes while U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump was escorted off stage. While Trump was able to brush off the blow, the same can’t be said for all PolitiFi meme coins.

- The unofficial token of Solana’s Trump advocates, $TREMP Spikes 76% But Couldn't Find Support.

- While $TREMP surged off the back of the event, $BODEN faltered. Directly following the attempt on Donald Trump, $BODEN dropped by as much as 29%, forming a local bottom at.028.
4 days ago
Solana still at the top of the Altcoins market.

Last week, it saw $4M in inflows into its digital asset investment products.
4 days ago
For the first time in history, Solana has topped Ethereum in weekly DEX volume for two consecutive weeks and now leads in monthly volume for July.

Solana DEX volume: $21 .48B,

Ethereum DEX volume: $21 .03B.
4 days ago
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7 days ago
Building off Solana’s surging DeFi activity, popular lending market Solend has announced the conclusion of its Season 2 rewards initiative.

With the three-month-long incentives program drawing to a close, what does the future hold for Solend?

Take a guess
7 days ago
DePlan's innovative platform built on the Solana blockchain which allows users to monetize unused subscription hours, is potentially disrupting the global subscription economy and driving the adoption of the Solana blockchain.

With the launch of its groundbreaking marketplace, the platform would allows users to monetize unused subscription hours through a unique "cash-back" system, providing app developers with a new revenue stream and reducing customer churn.
7 days ago
Sanctum LSTs now hold 14% of Solana's Liquid Staking market share, marking a 3,700% increase compared to Q1 2024.

Top Market Share Holders:

▶️ jitsol: 47.2%
▶️ Marinade Finance: 22.9%
▶️ Sanctum: 13.7%
7 days ago
Average daily fee-paying active addresses on Solana have increased by over 300,000 compared to Q1 2024 as seen in their recently published report.
7 days ago
In the report for Q2, Solana's Total Economic Value, measuring transaction fees and MEV to validators, increased by 41% compared to last quarter, reaching $151 million.

56% of this total came from transaction fees, with the remainder from MEV tips.
7 days ago
State of Solana Q2, 2024 Report:

JupiterExchange retained its position as the primary trade source on solana, accounting for 51% of Q2 spot DEX volumes.
7 days ago
What does the crypto industry look like from the outside?

This is micsolana's perspective 👇
8 days ago
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8 days ago
Matthew Sigel, Head of Digital Assets at Vaneck, says

"I think the odds are 80%+ that Trump wins. And then if he wins, I think it’s [a] 75% chance that a Solana ETF could be trading within two quarters of the inauguration."

This would be a big win for the entire Solana ecosystem.
9 days ago
PayPal USD, the fiat-backed stablecoin launched by one of the world’s most recognizable brands, is finding a home for itself within Solana’s booming DeFi ecosystem.

When PYUSD launched on Solana in late May, many network participants saw it as an inferior alternative to established stablecoins like Circle’s USDC. However, a meteoric rise in PYUSD supply in recent weeks suggests that there may be more demand for PayPal USD than originally anticipated.

PYUSD Supply on Solana Up 198% in Two Weeks, What’s Driving PayPal USD’s Explosive Growth??
9 days ago
Jump Crypto’s eagerly awaited Firedancer client has achieved a key milestone, sparking excitement for its future launch.

Perhaps the biggest network update in Solana history, Jump Crypto’s Firedancer validator client draws closer to mainnet launch every day.

While still operating in a testnet environment, Jump Crypto’s Firedancer validator client has made waves in the Solana ecosystem. After years of development work, the full validator client confirmed its inaugural accepted block at 23:07 UTC.
9 days ago
The initial Bug Bounty program for FireDancer v0.1, a new validator client on Solana, starts today.

Reward: $1 million
9 days ago
Solana still has a solid base in this heterogeneous market. All that's missing is the euphoria that will stop at nothing. The survivors are simply on their way to the top.

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