5 hours ago

1. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Shot in the Ear

2. President Joe Biden tested positive to COVID-19

3. $SOL hits $170 today ( now at $169 )

4. As a Result of no.1, Trump based memecoins and Ear based memecoins have been experiencing a price surge

5. Global outage after cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike
faulty update crashes Windows affecting companies and organizations.
19 hours ago
Do you remember what $GBOY is building?

More than just a memecoin

More than just a video game

More than just an NFT collection

We're about to drop the most comprehensive nostalgia-based PvP gaming ecosystem and allow ANYONE with Telegram to have full access to it

Greatness is coming

Are you prepared?
2 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 17

Some good runners today, but market was PvP, people are jeeting for pennies

13 Year old Leading a CTO
$arsy -> hit $2 .5m
- CTO lead was 13 years old (this narrative ran hard)
- 700+ people in vc

Popcat Whale Launch
$girth -> hit $4 .8m
- Dev has $14m in $popcat

Memes That CT loves
$giga -> $98m to $171m (1.74x), up only since MikeOHearn
shilled, great team
$aura -> $14 .4m to $36 .9m (2.56x), great team
$fatgf -> $3m to $10 .4m (3.46x)
$sigma -> $3m to $6m (2x)
$signs -> $250k to $1m (4x), "There Will Be Signs", popular CT meme
$autism -> hit $1 .7m, pushed by some notable people

Trump Coins
$donald -> hit $5 .19m, based on Donald Trump, moonshot launch
$wwnf -> hit $1 .58m, "We will not fail", based on new video promo for realDonaldTrump

$LandTrump -> hit $917k , $landlord derivative + Trump
Trump, moonshot launch

Joe Biden Tweet
$joever -> $150k to $777k (5.18x), JoeBiden
tweets "I'm sick"

Cat Memes
$trilly -> $865k to $3 .82m (4.42x)
$kieth -> hit $2 .46m, "Invisible Cat", literally a picture with no cat, pushed by retardio cabal
$κ“•β±―κ“› -> hit $565k
$rizz -> hit $393k , normie meme + funny cat

Dog Memes
$yukie -> hit $1m , good volume
$milly -> hit $430k , CTO, cute dog
$yuge -> hit $416k
$molly -> hit $400k , KOLs onboard
$dwif -> hit $370k , dog + $wif

More Cooks
$kama -> $2 .8m to $10 .8m (3.86x), redacted KamalaHarris
, good team
$ricky -> hit $550k , infinitely memeable raccon
$cope -> hit $330k , good meme

A lot of solid launches/devs are waiting on market conditions to improve

Focus on preserving your capital, ape with
3 days ago
Gm, what is ur favourite memecoin?
3 days ago
What Solana is Building πŸ—οΈ

Despite the price action and memecoin markets, Solana’s most bullish developments have been technological

Dive into the innovations driving Solana forward πŸ‘‡
4 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 15

Majors are pumping & news is coming out every day

Volume is up, lock tf in

Trump Meta
$fight -> $8 .65m to $20 .1m (2.32x), After Trump got shot footage shows him saying "Fight"
$inside -> $72k to $942k (13x), "the Trump shooting was an inside job"
$fearnot -> hit $5 .8m,
realDonaldTrump's new slogan, CTO
$nofear -> hit $2m
$bandage -> hit $356k , picture of Trump with a bandage

Vance announced as Trump's VP
$vunce -> $1 .34m to $7 .3m (5.44x), redacted JDVance1

$vence -> $803k to $6 .84m (8.5x), another redacted Vance
$vance -> hit $2m
$voonce -> hit $565k
$vance99 -> hit $400k , Vance's 1999 Honda Civic, based on an old tweet
- During Today's Republican National Convention, Trump announced Senator J.D. Vance as his pick for Vice President
- Perfect example of a sell the news event. Initial pump on the news which gets immediately sold off as there's nothing else to look forward to

Crypto-Twitter Approved
$sigma -> $1 .81m to $4 .98m (2.75x)
$thanks -> hit $2 .3m, "Thanks For Playing"
$something -> hit $1 .4m, "Believe In Something", popular sentence on CT, CTO
$signs -> hit $590k , "There Will Be Signs"

High Market Cap Coins
$wif -> $1 .5b to $2 .22b (1.48x)
$popcat -> $340m to $886m (2.6x)
$billy -> $93m to $184 .5 (1.98x)
$michi -> $52m to $127 .5 (2.45x)
$wolf -> $52 .7m to $120 .4m (2.28x)
$mumu -> $41m to $80m (1.95x)
$sc -> $18m to $38m (2.11x)
- As the market recovers, high mc coins are bouncing off support

Spike Team Rugs Their Relaunch
$spike -> $48m to $1 .14m (-97.5%)
- After rugging their first token, they decided to relaunch
- People thought they were actually going to push it this time
- Instead it was heavily sold off following a bitget listing
- A lot of teams have been relaunching lately, relaunches rarely perform well

Dog Memes
$bob -> $1 .6m to $6 .2m (3.87x), CTO, cute dog
$dog -> hit $8m , very strong CTO
$donie -> hit $1 .75m, trump + dog meta
$shark -> hit $1 .4m, "Shark Inu"
$brah -> hit $894k , a bunch of KOLs bought this early, CTO
$dot -> hit $530k

Hyped Launches
$cafe -> hit $7m , heavily sniped
$usa -> hit $470k

More Cooks
$hehe -> $1 .5m to $9 .3m (6.2x), cute cat + hehe
$popfish -> hit $900k , $popcat + fish, pushed by some KOLs
$chad -> hit $730k , popular meme
$ewok -> hit $583k , good art, $nub vibes
$buffet -> hit $350k , viral video

Great start to the week, can we keep these good vibes coming?

$sol broke $155 , look for a retest of the lows to stack up

Happy trading mfs 🀝
6 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 13

Today was 10/10. You should not have touched grass

SO much volume, coins hitting raydium left & right, news from all different directions

Trump Gets Shot At Rally
$survivor -> hit $6 .11m, Trump survived
$fist -> hit $3m , "fist stays up", iconic picture of realDonaldTrump holding his fist up after getting shot at
$fight -> hit $2 .5m
$biden -> hit $260k , "biden the shooter"
- Someone tried to shoot Trump while he was mid speech at a rally. He got hit in the ear, but he's fine

Trump's Ear
$ear -> hit $15 .37m, "Ear Stays On", Trump got hit in the ear
$ear -> hit $690k , "Trump's Ear"
$ears -> hit $470k , cat with no ears
$mega -> hit $450k , "Make Ear Great Again"
$wifnoear -> hit $300k , $wif + $ear

Old Trump Coins Pumping
$tremp -> $38 .8m to $85m (2.19x)
$maga -> $700k to $2 .95m (4.2x)
$trump -> $730k to $2 .57m (3.52x)
$trump -> $45k to $700k (15.55x), "never surrunder"
$trumpie -> $150k to $445k (2.96x)

Fortnite Meta
$jonesy -> hit $1 .8m, iconic default skin in FortniteGame
- Pump fun was full of different fortnite characters
- Some GTA memes followed

Bill The Lion Goes Berzerk
$billion -> hit $2 .6m, CTO, crazy volume
- A few betas surfaced lions/tigers

More Cooks
$wolf -> $53m to $120m (2.26x), after downtrending, might be the start of a reversal (or just a deadcat bounce)
$sigma -> $1 .82m to $5m (2.74x)
$peipei -> hit $1m , chinese $pepe , has been done before
$kimchi -> hit $550k , "cabbage dog"
$remixio -> hit $510k , $retardio type NFTs
$trolls -> hit $460k , based on the movie

Usually weekends are dead but Today was the opposite

Which one of these did you catch? πŸ‘€
7 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 12

This week, volume was overall much better than last week. We had multiple million dollar runners

Play On Words Meta
$mob -> hit $8m , "money over bitches"
$wif -> hit $3 .3m, "wallahi I'm finished", CTO by some big names in the space
$mia -> hit $920k , "missed it again"
$btc -> hit $575k , "buy this cat"
- Fire meta

Make More Bread
$bread -> hit $1 .78m, just a loaf of bread

Cat Meta
$mongy -> $3 .56m to $11 .28m (3.17x), team continues to push
$bub -> $1 .26m to $4 .1m (3.25x), CTO based on a viral cat
$cult -> hit $1 .8m
$sad -> hit $870k , $relax dev (hit $1 .8m), heavily sniped once it hit raydium, KOLs involved
$smol -> hit $490k

Matt Furie Memes
$ducky -> hit $3 .6m
$floppy -> hit $970k , Matt Furie type meme
$mikkey -> hit $870k , "girls club", beta to Matt_Furie's "boys club"

More Cooks
$orc -> $2 .14m to $5 .72m (2.67x), based on Davincij15's tweet, bitget listing announced
$retiredio -> $54k to $400k (7.4x), $retardio beta, CTO
$bro -> hit $4 .3m, CTO led by trusted people, dog meme
$sigma -> hit $3m
$beast -> hit $2 .86m, coin based on MrBeast (not actually related to him)
$rent -> hit $994k , $landlord beta, launched on dexscreener's moonshot
$psyop -> hit $800k , vc chaotic asf, website links to CIA lol
$fade -> hit $260k , CTO, good meme

I miss seeing true communities form out of these memes

Weekends are for touching grass

Did you cook? 🍜
7 days ago (E)
Yo just found @JPCrypt in the bread memecoin group 😭
8 days ago
πŸ§πŸš€ PengyOS delivers daily to their followers, keeping them entertained and amazed.

Pengy our mascot, is a dedicated web3 dev creating the Solana HUB to amaze the blockchain.πŸ’Ž

Memes + web3 molded into the new era of memecoins.πŸ’«

Integrate your project and become a $POS holder! ✨
8 days ago
$WEN -PERPS launches on DriftProtocol, which would enable users to trade WEN memecoin with up to 4x leverage.
9 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 10

Volume slowly coming back as $sol stabilizes

Rocky Breaking Records
$rocky -> $6 .7m to $29 .75m (4.44x), pet rock
$papery -> hit $1 .16m, pet paper, beta to $rocky
- Extremely good team
- Organized push

Launch Gone Wrong
$jeb -> hit $29 .5m (now sitting at $1m )
- Pre-Sale
- Heavily sniped launch with KOLs onboard

Hawk Tuah Girl Part 2
$glak -> hit $830k , based on a girl in a viral video, deriv of $hawktuah
$fart -> hit $550k , also based on a viral video

Dog Meta
$buddy -> $720k to $5 .54m (7.69x), CTO team balling out on marketing
$boppy -> $670k to $1 .47m (2.19x), new ATH, CTO
$puka -> $67k to $380k (5.67x)
$popdog -> hit $4m , $popcat but a dog, CTO
$gidi -> hit $1 .85m, cute dog, $billy deriv, second CTO
$vibin -> hit $520k

Slang Meta
$aura -> $17m to $30 .43m (1.79x)
$trenches -> hit $1 .12m
$things -> hit $600k , "hearing things", popular sentence in crypto
$deadass -> hit $375k

Matt Furie
$spike -> $29 .6m to $46 .9m (1.58x), team wants to push

More Cooks
$zack -> $21 .7m to $46m (2.11x),
MrZackMorris's coin
$mongy -> $300k to $4 .3m (14x), monkey meme
$tard -> $56k to $700k (12.5x), cat meme
$fire -> hit $1 .55m, beta to $water (after Messi's promotion)
$high -> hit $1m , good art
$ruy -> hit $490k , redacted RoyCooperN, CTO
$freaky -> hit $373k

Slang & Dog metas are the strongest at the moment

Market is still very PvP on sol, no one wants to hold for long
Astro peng
10 days ago
❌ After Messi, football legend Ronaldinho is in turn promoting the WATER memecoin on Instagram.

Ronaldinho has almost 77 million followers on Instagram.
10 days ago (E)
Following Lionel Messi promotion of a Solana memecoin on Insta, Football icon Ronaldinho is also promoting a Solana-based memecoin to his 76 million Instagram followers.

Caution: 30% of the supply is controlled by insiders, and he has a history of promoting scams.
10 days ago (E)
X is ur biggest friend and enemy 😭

Which memecoin gonna solve this equasion?
(find Y)

11 days ago
πŸ§πŸš€ PengyOS stands for the future of memecoins with web3.

Our website & app are our proudest developments, and we keep delivering.🌟

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Enjoy our daily Pengy & Degens series!😎

Next stop: Asia, visiting the Arab world first! 🌏✨
11 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 8

In these market conditions, 99.9% of coins die within the same day

Learn to make your money & move onto the next opportunity

Messi Promotion
$water -> $24 .95m to $133m (5.33x)
- Lionel Messi posts a promotion for $water on his ig story
- Water team has hella money to spend

Pauly Pushes a New Coin
$cam -> hit $3 .84m,
Pauly0x, coin about bigbendoteth

Solly Relaunch
$solly -> hit $11m , claims they relaunched because some KOLs dumped the chart

Retardio ATH
$retardio -> $12 .6m to $74 .7m (5.96x from the low)
- One of the most insane communities on CT

Dog Memes
$boppy -> $182k to $1 .2m (6.62x), CTO
$gibby -> hit $1m , CTO, good volume
$pluto -> hit $990k
$ranchy -> hit $900k , CTO, infinitely memeable cute dog
$pup -> hit $490k , "pupcorn"

Cat Memes
$mao -> $760k to $4 .57m (6x), CTO, either a dead cat bounce or coming back to life
$gm -> $405k to $1 .48m (3.65x), good ticker
$bub -> hit $1m , this meme has been done multiple times
$tard -> hit $550k , CTO
$chandi -> hit $520k ,
bsol_x's cat, not her coin

Moonshot Launches
$landlord -> $1 .81m to $7 .34m (4.05x),
dexscreener's moonshot
$notsec -> hit $3 .64m
$josh -> hit $900k , "strongest man on solana"
$obema -> hit $560k , redacted MichelleObama

More Cooks
$lockin -> $16 .56m to $37m (2.23x), solid community, lockin has cemented itself as a leader in the slang meta
$nomnom -> $802k to $4m (4.98x)
$shork -> $555k to $1 .42m (2.55x), team continues to push, originally launched by yelotree

$typeshit -> $420k to $2 .7m (6.42x), normie approved meme, goated CTO team, good community
$max -> hit $14 .5m, heavily bundled
$rocky -> hit $2 .2m, good team & community, literally just a rock
$glitch -> hit $1m
$mitty -> hit $826k , "
Matt_Furie's pet hamster"

Volume is low, most coins are pump & dumps

It's all about who can exit first at the moment, no one wants to hold for long

$sol to $250 asap pls
11 days ago
Pretty pumped with everything $MIM is cooking right now. User rewards every month to random holders, we hit top spot on r/cryptomoonshots, added meme bets to r/MIMonSOL, raid rewards bot coming today or tomorrow! Main page teasing airdrops! Love it πŸ’œ
11 days ago
Aeyakovenko, Co-founder of solana suggests that memecoins should fund Dev teams to build projects for them, reversing the usual ICO model.

He believes that for long-term success, dev teams should choose fair and transparent memecoins.
12 days ago
$WATER Memecoin Crashes After Hitting $1B ATH

Solana memecoin $WATER , which raised over $40 million in presale and experienced significant insider activity, has plummeted below a $30 million market cap after peaking over $1 billion ATH.
12 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 7

Today had some interesting plays

More runners today than the last couple of days, most coins are still struggling to break past $200k though

Game(.)com Launch
$brofren -> hit $6m , one of the first coins launched on memeisgame
$777 -> hit $1 .8m, bazinga says this is the first and last coin that he will create on memeisgame, people are speculating that this will be an influencer's coin
- bazingahappy's platform launches

Ben.eth Launch
$apepe -> hit $5 .55m, Angel Pepe, bigbendoteth, his old twitter was suspended
$dpepe -> hit $470k , Devil Pepe, beta to $apepe

Zazu Relaunch
$zazu -> hit $2 .4m, 3rd time somebody launches Zazu, this is not the OG one, CTO
$zazu -> hit $250k , rumored to be deployed by the same deployer as $wif

Landlord Takeover
$landlord -> $5 .3m to $18 .15m (3.42x)
$tnnt -> hit $1 .15m, "Tenant Messo", Tenant to $landlord , launched on dexscreener's moonshot

Dog Memes
$scooby -> $1 .86m to $7 .33m (3.94x), Real dog that looks like scooby doo, good team, organized push
$chilly -> $230k to $3 .55m (15.43x)
$dilly -> $265k to $2 .02m (7.62x)
$buddy -> $430k to $1 .25m (2.9x), good CTO team
$rawdog -> hit $900k
$hachiko -> hit $470k , CTO

Cat Memes
$lufi -> hit $3 .4m, CTO team has been pushing for days
$gm -> hit $1m , CTO
$sweetie -> hit $570k , CTO, organized push
$savage -> hit $374k , "Savage Cat", CTO

More Cooks
$typeshit -> $300k to $1 .35m (4.5x), slang meta, pushed by many KOLs
$otti -> $115k to $747k (6.49x), otter meme
$kong -> hit $4m , insta filled from pumpfun directly to millions, similar art to $brett

Start of a new week tomorrow

Hoping volume continues to pick up

Lock in πŸ”’
13 days ago
EARLY ACCESS -- Is the U.S. Going to Be Okay? πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

w/ micsolana
from PirateWires; the guy who broke the Trump memecoin news

Can he make sense of the state of politics, the upcoming election, & what it means for crypto?

Find out (for Citizens only) πŸ‘‡
13 days ago
PengyOS keeps entertaining & creating!πŸ§πŸ’«

The best of web3, dApps, & memes seamlessly in one HUB.πŸ’Ž

A website, an app, a dream, a moonerβ€”the Penguin Vision on the memecoin throne.πŸ‘‘

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Pengy & Degens continue to conquer the globe.🐧🌍
14 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 5

$sol bounces off of support, for market to resume its uptrend (short-term), we'd like to see a break of $155

Billy Soars Regardless Of Market Conditions
$billy -> $96 .5m to $164m (1.7x)
$holly -> hit $8 .65m, bundled, rumors that it was ran by the same guys as $billy

Matt Furie Characters
$doggs -> $10 .55m to $24m (2.27x), good team & market makers
$mojo -> hit $2m

Moonshot Launches
$landlord -> $2 .32m to $6 .1m (2.63x), on dexscreene's moonshot
$jacky -> hit $1 .5m, cat meme

Cat Memes
$milly -> hit $3 .2m, CTO, this meme has been done twice previously
$relax -> hit $1 .8m, pushed by KOLs, same dev as $chill that hit $1m
$omni -> hit $660k , CTO

Dog Memes
$buddy -> hit $1m , CTO by a $billy whale
$dolly -> hit $575k , dog version of $dolly
$boppy -> hit $520k , CTO

More Cooks
$otti -> hit $1 .88m
$grass -> hit $1 .65m, "Touch Grass", CTO
$nothing -> hit $400k

Lately everything is a "CTO"

Any project where dev is still in is lowkey bearish nowadays lmao
Rich Soon
14 days ago
What content you all want to see

Random crypto stuff?
15 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 4

$BTC broke daily support, alts are following

Volume on memes has been steadily decreasing

Davinci Tweet
$peon -> hit $3 .4m, world of warcraft meme
$orc -> hit $2 .25m
Davincij15 tweeted "Someone needs to create a peon meme coin from world of war craft"

Sage Launch
$sage -> hit $84m
CryptoSage26's coin
- They've been teasing at a launch for a while
- Heavily bundled

High Market Cap
$daddy -> $57m to $141m (2.47x from recent low),
Cobratate's coin bounces after he pushes some new content for $daddy

Moonshot Launches
$landlord -> $700k to $4m (5.71x), launched on moonshot, good team
$yachts -> hit $490k , "Captain Lee"

Dog Memes
$yoda -> hit $610k , based on cb_doge's tweet about his dog
$timmy -> hit $300k , beta to $billy , CTO
$cutie -> hit $280k , CTO

Cat Memes
$mao -> $5 .6m to $11 .8m (2.1x), very strong CTO team
$hehe -> $1 .65m to $5 .65m (3.42x), good meme
$miu -> hit $2m , CTO,
blknoiz06 allegedly bought some
$moko -> hit $675k , CTO
$push -> hit $320k

$mojo -> hit $500k ,

Most high market cap memes have had a substantial pull-back

Keep in mind that crypto is the only affected market right now, the nasdaq is at ATH

Looking at the weekly chart on $BTC , $ETH , $SOL , can restore some faith; when in doubt, zoom out
Astro peng
15 days ago
❌ Actress Sydney Sweeney's X account was hacked to promote a memecoin.

The administrator of the Telegram channel linked to the token admitted that it is a hack and also to be behind the recent similar hacks allegedly suffered by 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan.

He also added that he would soon aim for an even more β€œpopular” celebrity than Sweeney but did not give further details.
15 days ago
πŸ§πŸš€PengyOS is a beacon for web3 memecoins, always innovating & providing updates.✨

Huge thanks to our volunteers & community! πŸŽ‰

4 months strong with incredible progress.βœ…
Proof of work is clear.πŸ’Ž

Pengy & Degens continue their mission in Africa! 🌍✨
16 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - July 3

Majors are struggling, most coins are topping before $200k

When $btc (& $sol ) moon, we'll get more runners

America's Independence Day Tomorrow - 4th of July
$sam -> hit $1 .6m, CTO
$awif -> hit $620k , American $wif

Redacted Politicians
$kama -> $6 .9m to $22m (3.18x), redacted KamalaHarris, good team
$bernie -> $520k to $2 .84m (5.46x), redacted BernieSanders

Khamzat Posts CA
$smash -> hit $15m ,
- The coin has been out for over 24h
- People were already expecting that it would be this
- When he posted the CA, price wicked to $15m +, but immediately dumped back down
- There was not much hype since the coin was already out = no speculation

Sage Launch
$sage -> hit $51m , liquidity was pulled
- There were a couple other fake coins that ran to $500k +
- CryptoSage26 never actually posted a CA
- Some threads are coming out saying that this was intended to be the real coin, but they decided to pull liquidity when things didn't go as planned

Walter Deal
$walter -> $2 .2m to $8 .7m (3.95x)
- Agreement announced between Walter's owner PupperNelson & WalterDogSolana

Mao Wants More
$mao -> $2 .4m to $9 .5m (3.95x), CTO

Dog Memes
$billy -> $80m to $140m (1.75x), overtakes $michi in market cap, Ansem rumored to have bought multiple 6 figs
$lulo -> hit $1 .9m, CTO
$bull -> hit $900k , CTO
$winny -> hit $600k , same dev as $subo , which hit $8m
$barny -> hit $500k , CTO
$inu -> hit $500k

Other Cooks
$dragon -> hit $13 .9m, heavily bundled
$bbq -> hit $460k

Only risk what you're comfortable losing

Market conditions are poor = more rugs = tighten your risk measure
16 days ago
Jupiter Exchange launched a platform (ape.jup.ag) for safer, smoother, and cheaper memecoin trading.

Users can deposit SOL into a secure vault, discover new tokens with rug check safety profiles, and enjoy better trades.

Nothing found!

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