26 days ago
gm 🦊 amics,

Development on the Kitsune Webapp is well underway, this means:

- Likes will be recorded as R2E Stats again, bypassing the "private likes" on X.

- Follows and Bookmarks are now R2E Stats with their own weightings towards rewards.

- Raids can be done entirely in Telegram, you will not even have to open Twitter/X to participate in raids.

- Botting is made close to impossible.

Have a great week!
1 month ago
gm 🦊 & 🐂 fam,

Which projects on BullVerse do you think would benefit from the Raid Suite? #R2E #Solana #Raid2Earn
1 month ago
Bullish to be on BullVerse!

Kitsune is a utility project that uses Raid 2 Earn (R2E) to incentivise engagement on social media posts.

The Kitsune Raid Suite is available for free to any project, with any Solana token, in any Telegram.

If you are interested rewarding your community today in your own token feel free to get in contact or follow the attached user guide to get started.

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