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The Hall of Fame is heating up! 🔥

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Astro peng
16 days ago
The daily income of pumpdotfun has just exceeded that of #Ethereum 🚀

How to explain it and what trends are emerging?

Imagine an app that combines pump fun, dexcreener and Twitter - it's got to be brilliant!

Silly me, it already exists 🥴
Astro peng
18 days ago
Lately we have had:

🔹 BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, has started buying #Bitcoin   for three of its funds.

🔹 Morgan Stanley is about to allow its 15,000 brokers to recommend ETFs #Bitcoin   to their clients.

🔹 Major investment banks such as JPMorgan, BNP Paribas and BNY Mellon have started buying Bitcoin.

🔹 A state pension fund invested in #Bitcoin   .

🔹 Whales are massively buying #Bitcoin  

🔹 Former US President Donald Trump recently expressed his support for cryptocurrencies.

🔹 ETFs #Bitcoin   become the best performing ETFs of all time.

🔹 Several public companies acquire #Bitcoin   .

🔹 Michael Dell, founder of Dell Technologies, recently tweeted at #Bitcoin   .

🔹 Microstrategy buys more #Bitcoin   .

🔹 ETFs #Ethereum have been approved and will be available very soon.

🔹 Requests for an ETF #Solana are starting to emerge.

🔹 Sony, the Japanese electronics giant, is preparing to enter the cryptocurrency market by launching an exchange platform with the acquisition of the Amber platform, renamed S.BLOX Co.

👉 After all this, some think that #Bitcoin   will not go higher, that 73k is the ATH, and that the cycle is over. They just fall into the trap of manipulation.

The elites are simply buying up every #Bitcoin   available. With each manipulation, some sell in panic, then they are automatically bought by the elites.
Astro peng
18 days ago
📊 #Bitcoin   and #Ethereum became the most profitable assets in the first half of 2024.

They clearly outperform the Nasdaq, the S&P 500, oil, gold, the US dollar...etc.
23 days ago
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Maestro Bots brings your favourite chains together in one bot for easy trading. No switching required.

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30 days ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - June 19

I missed the animal meta ngl

Dog meta
$bunny -> $87k to $1 .5m (17.2x), CTO
$vini -> hit $1 .5m, shiba inu aiming to rival $billy
$blinder -> hit $1m , peak blinders dog, CTO, called by KOLs
$sd -> hit $770k , shark dog, beta to $sc (shark cat), CTO
$camo -> hit $750k
$teddy -> hit $500k , golden retriever, burnt dev supply
$teef -> hit $450k

Cat meta
$pocat -> $265k to $2 .2m (8.3x), did an airdrop today
$lily -> hit $10m
$bebe -> $8 .7m
$ncat -> hit $1m

Mario Nawful claims that family members confirmed that $djt was related to Trump

$djt -> $78m to $176m (2.25x),
$barron -> $1 .65m to $6m (3.63x),
realDonaldTrump's son
$djtc -> hit $620k , "ShkreliTrumpTateAnsemRoxinu69", degen

Andrew Tate Puts Out A Poll: $daddy vs $rnt
$rnt -> $5 .25m to $15 .4m (2.93x), pumped as soon as the poll was posted, most thought
moved on from $rnt
$karma -> $51k to $730k (14.3x)

Landwolf Continues To Push
$wolf -> $47m to $102m (2.17x), heavily bundled with some of $brett 's team members

George Santos Posts A Pumpfun
$Q -> hit $4 .3m,
, possibility of his account being hacked

Matt Furie Memes
$brett -> hit $940k , " brett on $sol "
$sendy -> hit $2 .5m, "Dog by Matt Furie",

More Cooks
$asSol -> hit $3 .5m
$cityboys -> hit $968k , normie approved
$gilly -> hit $800k , goldfish meme
$king -> hit $500k , fake
coin, he followed their twitter
$fart -> hit $430k , fart noises

Watch out for coins that launch where a certain influencer is following their twitter

This is usually someone who sold their account

The buyer then changes the name/identity of the account to fool people into thinking a certain important person is involved
Astro peng
1 month ago

In truth, tell yourself that this may be your last chance to grab good prices before the crypto explosion for the second part of the bullrun!

Ok, many of you are out of cash (Cash is King), but at least don't sell stupidly to the whales please. Now is not the time to break down...

Courage and above all, turn off your screens if your mindset is not holding up. No shame! On the other hand, panic sell, you will blame yourself.
1 month ago
$BORPA has got a huge following of people BULLISH on the project. The anticipation is awesome with a 13x seen in whales market trading at.08.

Being the hottest memetoken with the assistance of their partner Entanglefi, BorpaToken will be using an all chain strategy by debuting on #Ethereum , #Arbitrum , #BNBChain , #Blast , and #Solana blockchains simultaneously to ensure massive adoption.

It also has a dual themed Dapp branding consisting of CRO-MAGNON Borpa and FUTURISTIC Borpa.
Astro peng
2 months ago
102 million euros of liquidations in 24 hours! 🩸

Yes, yes, you read that right....

Only 100 million dollars for a Friday, even though it was a very volatile day.

People don't have their noses in cryptos at all right now.

I see it in the on-chain data, but also on my networks and even on Google Trends.

Right now, professionals are buying, but not retail investors.
2 months ago
Catronaut Solana
2 months ago
Ready for a mission briefing with Catronaut? Our adventurous tabby is all set to launch into orbit, carrying our dreams of ethical space exploration with him. 🚀🐱
#SpaceCat #Catronaut #CryptoCurrency #CryptoCommunity #Solana #Altcoin #Blockchain #Airdrop #Ethereum #AltcoinHodl

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