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Donald Trump vows to keep Crypto and Bitcoin innovation in the USA and protect self-custody rights.
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Crypto Community Smug About Global IT Outage, But Does Blockchain Actually Fix This?
A software bug invoked international hysteria when a bug in a Windows content update shut down banks, airlines, and emergency services.

Showcasing the world’s reliance on centralized systems, a global IT outage brought the world to its knees. Across the planet, major service providers like banks, supermarkets, and logistics companies found themselves unable to operate, causing significant disruption.

Eager to prove its relevance, the crypto community was quick to launch a tirade of smug comments. “Crypto fixes this” was heard across social media platforms, with crypto advocates championing blockchain as an obvious solution to singular points of failure.

But is that truly the case? While decentralization aims to eliminate centralized points of failure, would blockchain solutions actually have prevented this widespread technical meltdown?

What Happened?
The chaos began when CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity provider, pushed a defective single content update to Windows hosts. The bug affected millions of Microsoft Windows devices all over the world, causing infinite reboot loops and leaving users staring at Windows’ infamous BSoD (Blue Screen of Death).

Attempting to bring clarity to the situation CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz, released a statement on 𝕏. Assuring affected users that “this is not a security incident or cyberhack”, the CEO claims that “the issue has been identified, isolated, and a fix has been deployed”.

While Kurtz has indicated that a fix has been deployed, Windows users globally report still being unable to access their devices.

Fortunately, savvy developers were on hand to remedy the situation and provide timely solutions.

Affected users can reboot their Windows devices in Safe Mode and delete the defective update file, or wait until CrowdStrike implemented resolution is distributed.

CRWD stock

In traditional markets, CrowdStrike stock (CRWD) suffered a crippling blow, down 8.82% in today’s trading, based on NASDAQ data. While this might seem insignificant when compared to crypto’s volatility, price movements of this scale are uncommon in traditional markets.

Does Crypto Really Fix This?
The crypto community wasted no time calling out the flaws of centralized systems and singular points of failure. Citing mass outages like today’s as evidence that decentralized systems are the future of infrastructure, crypto advocates were quick to leverage the event as an example of “Bitcoin fixes this”.

However, not all pockets of the crypto community were in agreement. Several blockchain developers and engineers highlighted that in this specific example, pushing bugged code to production would likely have the same effect to blockchain networks.

Despite the specifics and technicalities, the event serves as a powerful reminder of the flaws in centralized services and singular points of failure. Commentators remarked that society’s reliance on centralized companies and infrastructure providers doesn’t bode well for our future.

This belief reinforces the viability of DePin technology, which aims to distribute services across a variety of independent providers and establish more secure and reliable infrastructure. Frank Mathis, founder of GenesysGo, highlights the importance of conducting rigorous security checks before pushing software updates.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology may not have been a direct solution to this particular problem. However, global outages like the CrowdStrike defect help to promote discussion around the benefits of decentralization and distributed systems.
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🇺🇸 Donald Trump will organize a private fundraiser in Nashville on July 27 as part of the Bitcoin Conference 2024.

A place to participate in a round table in his presence will cost $844 ,600, and a photo with the presidential candidate $60 ,000.
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The summary of the news #crypto

1) The German government has confirmed that it has sold all of its bitcoin accumulated during various seizures, for reasons of a legal deadline

2) Discussions are open to reinstate staking in certain ETF's spot ETH (the big launch is still planned for next Tuesday)

3) State Street, 4th US manager with 4,000 billion under management, explores the possibility of creating its own stablecoin

4) According to Ki Young Ju, the OTC market now largely predominates on the spot, which itself is at a historic low point of 3 years in terms of transactions carried out by individuals

5) Ethereum is still well ahead in terms of revenue generated in 2024 with 1.42 billion. Solana for example is 4th with 135 million

6) Donald Trump considers Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, as treasury secretary in the event of election, the latter in turn miraculously changing his mind on #crypto

7) In terms of cycle, the #Bitcoin   halving Progress is now at 6%

8) The current technical zone on $BTC is around $65k and it should be complex to cross

9) Mt Gox has already transferred around 40% of the Bitcoin which has been returned to customers (notably through Kraken)

10) Leading exchange in India Wazirix was exploited for a total of $235 million, North Korean hackers from the Lazarus Group could be behind it

11) The SP500 & Nasdaq correct on the US market

12) A documentary series “What the Punk” is available on Arte

13) The fees of the different ETF's spot on $ETH should be around 0.20 to 0.25%
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German Government Now Holds Only $16 in #Bitcoin

The German Government has recently transferred its entire Bitcoin balance of 49,860 BTC ($2.90 billion) to exchanges and market makers over the past three weeks.
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5 days ago
#Bitcoin   Open Interest Futures

It's good, the machine is restarted! 🚀

A return of interest on futures warns us of high volatility and above all of a high probability of resuming the underlying trend (bullish).

Friends, Free Money mode will return after a huge break! Already last week, we ate well, but now, we will be able to eat even more when the ALTS wake up. 💸
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5 days ago
🚨 Trump will speak at the Bitcoin conference despite the assassination attempt on him.

Additional security will be expected at the conference as it prepares to welcome 20,000 participants

Donald Trump is reportedly still determined to deliver his speech in person at Bitcoin 2024 to be held in NASHVILLE on July 25

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👉 Mircea Popescu, the man who held 1 million Bitcoin, found dead in Costa Rica.

On June 23, 2021, Mircea Popescu, a 41-year-old Romanian and Bitcoin maximalist, was found drowned off the coast of Costa Rica.

The man who claimed to hold 1 million Bitcoin is dead and his death raised many questions... What if it wasn't a drowning?!
The man who challenges institutions.

In 2012, Popescu created MPEx, a Bitcoin securities exchange.

The platform is very successful and quickly becomes a hub for the first Bitcoin IPOs.

Popescu gained a reputation as an early and vocal opponent of cryptocurrency scams.

He was quickly in the sights of the SEC, which accused him of providing tools to scammers via his Mpex platform.

Indeed, one of the most popular gambling sites of the time, Satoshi DICE, is registered on its platform.

But Popescu was known for mocking the SEC, all of whose correspondence he posted on his blog.

A holder too dangerous for Bitcoin?

“I like Bitcoin because I like freedom. It’s that simple,” Popescu said.

One of the theories about his death arises from the fact that Mircea held 1 million BTC.

Technically, if Popescu sells his 1 million Bitcoin, the price of BTC will drop drastically!

So in the minds of some, this power must be taken away from him, and if we cannot obtain what he has, then we must prevent him from having access to it...
6 days ago
1/4 So far in July 2024 more than $35M from the $305M DMM Bitcoin hack has been laundered to the online marketplace Huione Guarantee

It is suspected that Lazarus Group is behind the hack due to similarities in laundering techniques and off chain indicators.
7 days ago
US Bitcoin ETFs saw $79 million in inflows yesterday, marking the fifth consecutive day of inflows.
7 days ago
The German Government just sent another 2439 BTC ($132.61M) to exchanges.

The German Government now has 3846 BTC ($221.36M) remaining - only 7.7% of the initial $3 .6B worth of #Bitcoin .
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8 days ago
📆 7 years ago, on July 12, 2017, Christian Langalis brandished the phrase “Buy Bitcoin” during testimony by Janet Yellen, President of the FED, before the United States House of Representatives.

Last April, this notepad sold at auction for... 16 $BTC 💸
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8 days ago
🟡 According to JPMorgan, the bearish phase in the cryptocurrency market is coming to an end, and a bullish recovery would even be expected as early as August.

The banking giant estimates that the liquidations, mainly due to Mt. Gox creditors and Bitcoin sales by the German government, should end by the end of July. Enough to allow cryptos to take off again!
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8 days ago
👀 Your crypto wallet hidden under your skin...

This is what VivoKey Technologies offers. Subcutaneous crypto wallets for secure transactions using NFC and RFID technology.

“These wallets are intended to be used to send cryptocurrency.”

"The app on your phone is your interface, but it doesn't have private keys. The private key and the actual signing of the Bitcoin transaction, or cryptographic transaction, is done in the chip."

“We currently have several different Bitcoin and crypto wallets that are supported.”

8 days ago
Bitcoin surges past $59 ,000 as June CPI inflation cools to 3.0%, below forecast.
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9 days ago
📊 Digital asset investment products saw inflows totaling $441 million.

The crypto market dump caused by Mt Gox and the selling pressure from the German government were likely seen as a buying opportunity.

#Bitcoin   accounted for 90% of total inflows ($398 million) as investors chose to invest in a much broader set of altcoins.
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9 days ago
🤝 Block partners with Core Scientific for Bitcoin mining chip project.

The deal will provide Core Scientific with Block's new 3nm mining ASICs, built by Block's Proto team, which represent approximately 15 EH/s of throughput.

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🚨🇺🇸 Illinois court reportedly rules that Bitcoin and Ethereum are Commodities.

This is what Rostin Behnam, the president of the CFTC, announced.

He also states that 70 to 80% of crypto is not Security.

So Gary, do you have anything to say?
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10 days ago
📈 The #Bitcoin   back above $59 ,000.

However, we have to be careful with the German government, which could start selling off again.
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10 days ago
💸 On July 5, over 46,000 #Bitcoin   were withdrawn from all spot exchanges, marking the largest withdrawal in 2024 so far.

Source Woo_Minkyu of cryptoquant_com
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10 days ago
🇺🇸 “Republicans will end Democrats’ illegal, anti-American crackdown on cryptocurrencies and oppose the creation of a CBDC.”

“We will defend the right to mine bitcoin and ensure that every American has the right to self-custody their digital assets and transact without government surveillance and control.” .

According to a draft of the Republican program

11 days ago
Pretty pumped with everything $MIM is cooking right now. User rewards every month to random holders, we hit top spot on r/cryptomoonshots, added meme bets to r/MIMonSOL, raid rewards bot coming today or tomorrow! Main page teasing airdrops! Love it 💜
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13 days ago (E)
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President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador continues his Bitcoin initiatives. He regularly acquires BTC to fill the first transparent state treasury in Bitcoin.

The country is also considering setting up a Bitcoin bank, offering financial services in dollars and BTC, with fewer restrictions than traditional banks.

El Salvador has become a major player in the adoption of Bitcoin, attracting the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and even traditional finance players.
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14 days ago
📉 The #cryptomonnaies market is suffering, after the chaos brought by #Bitcoin  

The $XRP did not escape the decline and recorded a decline of 50% since the peak in March.

It will be necessary to stay beyond the support at.42. If buyers defend the support, a return to the bearish institutional bias (EMA 9/EMA 18) around.53 is possible.

On the other hand, a loss of support could send the XRP to the next support at.32.

For those hoping for a new ath for XRP, I wish you the best of luck.
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Grayscale conducted a survey to understand the opinions and interest of potential voters in investment, cryptocurrencies and perceptions of the financial system. Here are the key points:

Nearly half of American voters plan to include cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolio.

Concerns about inflation strengthen Bitcoin's potential as a hedge against inflation.

46% of voters expect specific policies regarding cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase campaign: Coinbase targets 15% of the population who owns cryptocurrencies and opposes any legislation to restrict them

14 days ago
As November’s critical election draws closer one presidential candidate has made his pro-crypto stance abundantly clear, but have any promises or policies been made?

For the first time in the nation’s history, crypto policy will take center stage and play a crucial role in the U.S. Presidential race. With over 52M cryptocurrency owners in the country, according to a Coinbase report, winning the crypto vote could well mean the difference between sitting in the Oval Office and hanging up your Campaign tie for another four years.

Where do Trump and Biden stand on crypto? Will Biden attempt to make amends for Gary Gensler’s crypto crusade? Will Trump, the self-proclaimed ‘crypto president’ deliver on his claims?

The Biden Administration has hardly been crypto-friendly in the last four years. Under Biden’s watch, Securities and Exchanges Commission Chair Gary Gensler has led a merciless campaign against the digital asset industry, serving lawsuits to crypto companies left, right, and center.

Gary Gensler hasn’t been alone in his fight against cryptocurrency. Senator Elizabeth Warren has strongly advocated against cryptocurrencies in the past, frequently using individual examples to paint the entire industry in a bad light.

With November only four months away, the Biden administration’s stance on crypto hasn't changed. A recent Statement of Administration Policy declared that the Administration was against passing H.R. 4763, a proposed regulatory framework for digital assets.

The decision was made due to the belief that “H.R. 4763 in its current form lacks sufficient protections for consumers and investors who engage in certain digital asset transactions.”

Despite refusing the framework, the Biden Administration maintains that it “is eager to work with Congress to ensure a comprehensive and balanced regulatory framework for digital assets, building on existing authorities, which will promote the responsible development of digital assets and payment innovation and help reinforce United States leadership in the global financial system.”

Despite calling Bitcoin a ‘scam against the dollar’ back in 2021, Trump seems to have changed his tune on cryptocurrency. In a recent tech fundraiser event in San Francisco, Trump has rebranded himself as the ‘crypto president' evidently trying to win the vote of the nation’s population on digital asset holders.

Trump’s dramatic change of heart toward the cryptocurrency world has even made its way onchain. Arkham Intelligence, a popular blockchain analysis and tracking tool claims to have identified Trump’s crypto wallet, which holds over $7 .9M of digital assets. The former President has also shown a penchant for NFTs having launched several Trump Digital Trading Card collections.

More recently, Trump has promised to “end Biden’s War on Crypto”. The Republic candidate has further declared that he is “very positive and open minded to cryptocurrency companies”. Aligning himself with the Bitcoin faithful, Trump views Bitcoin as “our last line of defense against a CBDC”.

These views align with Republican Senator Bill Hagerty, who expressed that a CBDC is “the last thing I think we need as a nation” and “would be very detrimental to our economy, to the dollar and certainly to innovation in this space” during a recent interview with Solana Head of Strategy Austin Federa.
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15 days ago
🚨 Mt Gox reimbursement times may take up to 90 days.

🔹 Kraken has 90 days to process payments.
🔹 Bitstamp may take up to 60 days.
🔹 Payments will be visible in creditors' accounts within 20 days for BitGo.
🔹 Both SBI VC Trade and Bitbank will make payments within 14 days.

I don't think a rise is on the horizon. In my opinion, we still have two months of bearishness or strong accumulation to go before we start another rise.

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15 days ago
⛏️ F2Pool says that only a few Bitcoin ASICs remain profitable with prices falling below $55 ,000.

Antminer S21 Hydro, Antminer S21, Avalon A1466I, Antminer S19 XP Hydro and Antminer S19 XP currently remain profitable.

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15 days ago
🇩🇪 German MP Joana Cotar condemns the government's decision to sell a large part of its bitcoin holdings.

She considers that Bitcoin should be used as a national strategic reserve

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