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Join us today Wed 7/17/24 at 4pm EST for our 6th MEGA Space of ‘Crypto Couch Talk’ w/ INFLUENCERS, YOUTUBERs and 50 top PROJECTS on the banner!

🚨Joint Space link 🎤


Hosted by
@POPDOGsolcoin (https://x.com/POPDOGsolcoi...), 0xdr_defi (https://x.com/0xDr_DeFi) & K1dandWalt (https://x.com/K1dandWalt)
W/ all 60 speakers listed below!

Influencers and YouTubers:

CryptosR_Us (https://x.com/CryptosR_Us)
TheSolSaver (https://x.com/TheSolSaver)
Fityeth (https://x.com/Fityeth)
thedabatola (https://x.com/thedabatola)
fecktk (https://x.com/fecktk)
K1d_Crypt0 (https://x.com/K1d_Crypt0)
ParabolicCalls (https://x.com/ParabolicCal...)
RicoMoneybags (https://x.com/RicoMoneybag...)
memecon_lol (https://x.com/MEMECON_lol)
MemeFestWTF (https://x.com/MemeFestWTF)
$POPDOG ‘s friends! CRYPTO is better w FRIENDS! Your network is your Net worth!!! 🤜🤛 💰💰💰

gmecoinsol (https://x.com/gmecoinsol)
Baby_token_sol (https://x.com/Baby_token_s...)
omnomtoken (https://x.com/omnomtoken)
ADAonSOL (https://x.com/ADAonSOL)
OGcatwifcoin (https://x.com/OGcatwifcoin)
DeepSpaceDPS (https://x.com/DeepSpaceDPS)
monke_meme_eth (https://x.com/monke_meme_e...)
redthemals (https://x.com/redthemals)
BonkOfA (https://x.com/BonkOfA)
StanleyPupToken (https://x.com/StanleyPupTo...)
BabaTokenSol (https://x.com/BabaTokenSol)
PopcatBaseToken (https://x.com/PopcatBaseTo...)
updogtoken (https://x.com/updogtoken)
XPXtoken (https://x.com/XPXtoken)
jeeter_on_sol (https://x.com/jeeter_on_so...)
bekeleonsol (https://x.com/bekeleonsol)
steakdtx (https://x.com/steakdtx)
mooskonsol (https://x.com/mooskonsol)
BullVerse_ (https://x.com/BullVerse_) @bullverse
TrumpCash47 (https://x.com/TrumpCash47)
AMWToken (https://x.com/AMWToken)
HegeCoin (https://x.com/HegeCoin)
YoungPeezy_Pepe (https://x.com/YoungPeezy_P...)
MIMoneySol (https://x.com/MIMoneySol)
movement_solana (https://x.com/movement_sol...)
@PengyOS_sol (https://x.com/PengyOS_sol)
RedSolsX (https://x.com/RedSolsX)
jizzussolana (https://x.com/jizzussolana)
TTFBot (https://x.com/TTFBot)
FeykNooz (https://x.com/FeykNooz)
@GameBoyOnSol (https://x.com/GameBoyOnSol)
jeetolaxonbase (https://x.com/jeetolaxonba...)
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TrumpSolMAGA (https://x.com/TrumpSolMAGA)
Lightspeed_Coin (https://x.com/Lightspeed_C...)
RealGoatCoin (https://x.com/RealGoatCoin)
kitsunetokensol (https://x.com/kitsunetoken...)
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TheGudBanana (https://x.com/TheGudBanana)
nothingiscrypto (https://x.com/nothingiscry...)
ZazaOnSolana (https://x.com/ZazaOnSolana)
preOnSol (https://x.com/preOnSol)
MoonstersWeb3 (https://x.com/MoonstersWeb...)
BasedTHC (https://x.com/BasedTHC)
SOLbirddog (https://x.com/SOLbirddog)
@POPDOGsolcoin (https://x.com/POPDOGsolcoi...) $POPDOG

And more!!! 🙌

#crypto and #MEMES massive chill and shill dropping their Alpha 🚀🚀

All Projects are invited! 🐶🐱🦊🐸🦍

And POPCAT on SOL your INVITED again too! 🥳 POP POP POP We’re all freinds here! We don’t bite, We POP! 🐶🐱 $POPCAT POPCATSOLANA (https://x.com/POPCATSOLANA)

POPCATwtf (https://x.com/POPCATwtf)

And the BIG DOGS on SOLANA! $WIF 🐕 $BONK 🦮 $MYRO 🐕‍🦺
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Parcl protocol has officially launched its second community allocation of $PRCL tokens, commencing the distribution process for the Perpetual Points Program (PPP) Season 1 rewards.

This latest airdrop will allocate more than 6% of the total PRCL supply, complementing the initial 8% distributed previously. The claim page for PPP Season 1 will go live on July 15th, 2024.

The total allocation of 60,000,000 $PRCL will be divided into two segments: 40,000,000 $PRCL will be distributed linearly to users with over 50,000 points, and 20,000,000 $PRCL will be reserved for Parcl traders.

The $PRCL token currently trades at.18 with a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of $181 million.

According to details shared by Parcl protocol, The distribution introduces a new vesting mechanism to promote token price stability. Participants can accelerate their vesting schedules by staking more $PRCL . Three vesting schedules are available, ranging from 90 days for those taking over 50% of their allocation to 180 days for those taking less than 50%.
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What is magicblock?

It's a taste of what's to come in the Solana gaming scene 🎮

A beginner's guide to the Onchain Game Engine 👇

Onchain game engines make it easier to build games with no external dependencies beyond their underlying blockchain.

To me, this is one of the most exciting areas of development in crypto today, and that’s why my curiosity was piqued when I recently came across MagicBlock Engine.

MagicBlock is a game engine that’s innovated an Ephemeral Rollups architecture for powering flexible and performant onchain games on Solana.

I think MagicBlock is an interesting look into what's to come in the Solana gaming scene, so let’s catch you up on all the basics.

What Is MagicBlock?
MagicBlock is a gaming framework built on top of Solana, designed to facilitate the development of fully onchain games and apps.

Recently, MagicBlock Engine showcased its capabilities at an a16zcrypto Demo Day event.

The demo featured a real-time, fully onchain game deployed entirely on Solana, and two clients played the game simultaneously with no lag thanks to the MagicBlock’s ability to delegate accounts into fast Solana validators.

What Are Ephemeral Rollups?
MagicBlock extends Solana's capabilities by introducing Ephemeral Rollups (ERs), which are designed to efficiently facilitate state transitions without fragmenting a game’s state.

MagicBlock’s Other Main Features

⚡️ BOLT — A framework that uses the Entity Component System (ECS) pattern to streamline the development of onchain games. It allows developers to quickly create modular, reusable, and extendable game components and logic.

🪪 SOAR — SOAR stands for Solana Onchain Achievement & Ranking. This reputation system lets developers readily define achievements based on onchain activities, track and display user rankings, and deploy rewards.

🔑 Session keys — MagicBlock recently helped add support for session keys in the Solana Unity SDK, making it easier for its game devs to eliminate the need for repeated wallet popups during frequent in-game interactions in a secure fashion.

MagicBlock’s angle is to bypass these fragmentation issues by keeping assets on mainnet Solana, thus maintaining the possibility for atomic composability, while still achieving scalability with ERs. This way you get high throughput, customizable runtimes, and the ability for games and apps to seamlessly interact without needing interoperability solutions.

What to Watch Going Forward?
1. MagicBlock is new and still rearing up. Which onchain game will be the first to officially use this engine?

2. The recent MagicBlock demo achieved 50ms latency, which is competitive with modern gaming standards. Can we expect further optimizations that bring this latency even lower for even better real-time gameplay?

3. Earlier this year, Parallel announced its AI game Colony would be based on Solana. Could the Parallel team adopt MagicBlock Engine to meet its infrastructure needs here?

4. With MagicBlock maintaining assets on the Solana mainnet, developers have the potential for atomic composability. What use cases will emerge from this capability?

5. Onchain games benefit greatly from user-generated content (UGC) and user-generated logic (UGL). Will the SOAR system be used to incentivize these sorts of creations?

The Bottom Line
While MagicBlock is still in its early stages, its potential to catalyze Solana’s fully onchain gaming scene seems considerable, as its Ephemeral Rollups architecture can help it bypass key challenges faced by other gaming engines while still ensuring high performance. Looking ahead, be sure to stay updated on the team’s progress by following them on Twitter— they’re ones to watch in my opinion!

Written by WPeaster
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Moass coming soon #GME #WSB #WallStreetBets #GameStop
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Good evening fellow degens, short summary of the GME earnings report below:

GameStop reported a significant Q1 2024 earnings miss, with revenue at $882 million, well below the expected $995 million. The company also posted a net loss of $32 .3 million, though this was an improvement from last year's $50 .5 million loss. Additionally, GameStop announced plans to sell up to 75 million shares, which contributed to a nearly 20% drop in its stock price. Despite the disappointing financial results, the stock saw a brief surge due to the return of prominent retail investor Keith Gill, known as "Roarin
1 month ago
If you think you missed $GME heres a good opportunity to buyback, accumulate, or average down.

Likely get a nice bounce prior to June 21st

$GME https://www.tradingview.co.../




Most bullish on $GMEonSOL because it has the largest community, did $550m 24 hr volume on livestream day and good token distribution
1 month ago
Big day #GME earnings after hours👀 #WSB
1 month ago
Green card, red card, wild card. #WSB #GME
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Soo our partnership so far are:


Solid and bullish! Dont forget to follow them guys.

I believe that someday we will have huge migration from X to bullverse, especially for degen & memes communities.
1 month ago
Crazy volume in the Tate tokens, $RNT about to cross 400 million in less than 24 hrs.

Both @GMEonSOL & $RNT on top 40 in volume across all chains the last 24 hours!
1 month ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - June 6

Build a circle of like-minded people that are all working towards the same goal.

Keith Gill scheduled to stream tomorrow $gme -> $58m to $180m (3.10x) $kitty -> $5m to $27 .6m (5.52x) $dfv -> $450k to $4 .5m (10x) $superstonk -> $1m to $4 .29m (4.29x), Keith continues to post on r/superstonk has scheduled a live stream for tomorrow on youtube
- He posted another update of his position on reddit (u/DeepFuckingValue)
- His position is currently worth $586m , he hasn't sold or exercised a single call.

Let's see what Friday has in store for us

Stay locke
1 month ago
$GME is gonna hit today after roaring kitty goes live..



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1 month ago
Partnership Announcement🤝

We're thrilled to announce a long-term partnership with GameStop (GME).

$GME is a movement coin designed to unite people on the Solana blockchain. Joining the BullVerse is a strategic play against a common enemy: Wall St.

Earlier this week, GME made waves with multiple exchange listings and accomplished top 30 in crypto token volume.

Their account proudly wears our brand new gold checkmark reserved for partners.

BullVerse profile: @GMEonSOL
1 month ago
The partnership with @GMEonSOL has got to be the most bullish news I've heard in a while
1 month ago (E)
My biggest $SOL bags is $ZACK LIQ $1 .7M $66 .8M MC 🚀 $BEER LIQ $15 .3M $396M MC 🍺 $GME LIQ $5 .9M $114M MC📈
saccosuds Sacco
1 month ago
DeGens need to continue applying pressure to the system. $GME
1 month ago
Hi! @GMEonSOL 👋
1 month ago

Check the anouncement guys! Crazy. GME is here.
1 month ago
GM Bulls ! 🐂

$GME looking good today 👀
Dak Coin
2 months ago
GME was 🔥 today 📈📈
2 months ago (E)
So apparently The Roaring Kitty is back😂 One tweet is what caused this to all GME coins lmao
2 months ago
with the $gme meta upon us it would only make sense to also hop in $Manny

Gamestop's iconic cat plushie, volume is crazy and there's a good chance for it to go parabolic

ca: 7tB2H6gRWwQnXQGUAQyc5uA9y4YAykwrALBijzBpXrVM

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