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The BullVerse Android app is now officially live on the Google Play Store! 🎉

If you're an Android user, head over to the link below to download and experience the app for the first time 📲


Don't forget to leave a bullish review! 🌟
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What Solana is Building 🏗️

Despite the price action and memecoin markets, Solana’s most bullish developments have been technological

Dive into the innovations driving Solana forward 👇
Astro peng
5 days ago
#Bitcoin   Open Interest Futures

It's good, the machine is restarted! 🚀

A return of interest on futures warns us of high volatility and above all of a high probability of resuming the underlying trend (bullish).

Friends, Free Money mode will return after a huge break! Already last week, we ate well, but now, we will be able to eat even more when the ALTS wake up. 💸
5 days ago
$wifist is extremaly bullish ngl
Astro peng
8 days ago
📊 49.3% are currently Bullish about crypto.

This is what reveals a CoinGecko survey carried out between June 25 and July 8 among 2,500 people.

94% reported holding cryptocurrencies.

Astro peng
8 days ago
🟡 According to JPMorgan, the bearish phase in the cryptocurrency market is coming to an end, and a bullish recovery would even be expected as early as August.

The banking giant estimates that the liquidations, mainly due to Mt. Gox creditors and Bitcoin sales by the German government, should end by the end of July. Enough to allow cryptos to take off again!
8 days ago
How to start restaking on symbioticfi

A 101 Explainer 👇

EigenLayer changed the game by introducing the restaking primitive to the Ethereum ecosystem, yet it was only a matter of time until challengers rose up and started trying to beat EigenLayer at its own game!

The big challenger making a big splash lately is Symbiotic, a new restaking protocol that aims to offer restakers more options beyond just ETH.

What Is Symbiotic?
Launched in June 2024, Symbiotic is a shared security protocol for network builders to create and manage their own staking implementations in a permissionless fashion.

In other words, Symbiotic lets networks customize their staking processes, collateral types, node operator selection, rewards, and slashing mechanisms, all while maintaining security through non-upgradeable core contracts on Ethereum.

Notably, Symbiotic is already the second-largest restaking protocol behind only EigenLayer. Yet unlike EigenLayer, which is centered around ETH, Symbiotic offers a wide array of collateral options for more flexibility.

How Does Symbiotic Work?
Symbiotic operates through the coordination of its five main pillars. These elements are as follows:

🪙 Collateral — The onchain assets used to provide economic security in Symbiotic. These can include ERC20 tokens, Ethereum validator withdrawal credentials, and other assets across various blockchains.
🛅 Vaults — These customizable components act as Symbiotic’s delegation and restaking layer. They handle deposits, withdrawals, slashings, and reward distributions.
🦸 Operators — The entities that run infrastructure for networks, such as validators and sequencers. Operators can opt into networks and receive economic backing from restakers through vaults.
⛑️ Resolvers — These are the entities or smart contracts tasked with passing or vetoing slashing penalties incurred by operators. They ensure penalties are fairly arbitrated.

Why Symbiotic?
It makes sense that there won’t just be one winner in the restaking category. And among the field of contenders, Symbiotic currently looks like the protocol best positioned to give EigenLayer a run for its money in the months ahead.

That said, if you’re generally bullish on restaking, then Symbiotic is a project to consider because it’s early, promising, and has plenty of potential to grow with its differentiation via ERC-20 support.

Of course, a Symbiotic airdrop is also a likelihood not to be ignored. EigenLayer has $EIGEN , and it seems inevitable that the Symbiotic Points system will be used to go a similar route in facilitating an airdrop of a native token to early users. Restake now; get paid later.

Lastly, there are some interesting Symbiotic integrations live today that offer double-whammy earning opportunities. One is
mellowprotocol, a liquid restaking token (LRT) project offering Mellow Points and Symbiotic Points to users who deposit into Symbiotic through its platform.

How to Restake on Symbiotic
If you’re interested in restaking on Symbiotic, head over to https://app.symbiotic.fi/r... and connect your wallet. Note that some regions are geo-blocked from accessing the front end.

On the main “Restaking” page, you’ll see the list of vaults for offer like the one in the picture below. Note that some vaults, like the Wrapped Lido Staked Ether (wstETH) one, have currently reached their temporary deposit limits, while other vaults, e.g., Coinbase Wrapped Staked Ether (cbETH), are still open for depositors.

So let’s say you have some cbETH, and you want to start staking. Simply click on the cbETH vault, which will take you to an interface like this:

By WPeaster ✍️
10 days ago
The BTC ETFs are just getting started...

This is the thesis behind why Matt_Hougan of BitwiseInvest
is bullish 📈
Rich Soon
15 days ago
Easy to be bearish, but we still have many bullish catalysts:

• BTC ETF continued inflows
• ETH ETF launch soon
• Regulatory pivot
• Interest rates at all-time highs, with the EU and Canada already decreasing
• Stocks at all-time highs
• Gold close to ATH
• Stablecoin supply at ATH
• Circle's stablecoins compliant with MiCA, boosting integration in finance and commerce
• Stripe integrating stablecoins
• Paypal's newly launched $PYUSD growing ($405m issued)
• Blackrock pushing for asset tokenization
• Newly issued altcoins already down ~80%, resetting valuations
• Polymarket gaining traction beyond crypto natives
• Blockchains finally starting to scale

Finally, when Germany, the US government, and Mt. Gox are done, it will clear the last overhang.

Usually, sellers are easy to spot, but new buyers are obscure.

***CREDITS: Ignas defi research***
16 days ago
BTC situation in the coming days

From what I can see on the chart, BTC is still bullish. We shouldn't have expected a parabolic rise without a strong correction. There are quite a few liquidation pools at 56800, which for me will be the low point. If not, then yes, we'll go lower.

The only current problem is general panic, which has a greater impact on the BTC price among the financially uneducated.

Institutions, on the other hand, continue to buy massively and impressively. Major corporations are investing heavily in the big projects of tomorrow in order to penetrate a booming market.

The only question is: who benefits?

Answer: the rich, because they buy what people sell, and sell when everyone else buys. If you're putting money into crypto, it's because you know it's risky, so stop aiming for perfection and learn to invest in solid projects, and don't listen to your favorite youtubers.
17 days ago
I am peng, pengs are cool 😎

@Astro_peng 😏

#Peng #bullish
18 days ago
Gm Bulls,

Bullish start of the week cause the markets are green 🍀,
Share ur favourite memecoin project I should hop in 🐧
Astro peng
19 days ago (E)
Here are the most bullish narratives you should pay attention this Q3.

🐶 Memes

🏛️ RWAs

🤖 AIs


⚙️ L1s

🎮 Gaming

📲Social network


🪙 Others

Did I miss anything fam?
Astro peng
19 days ago (E)
The strength of the #BullVerse project and the seriousness of the team are reflected in a truly bullish chart.

This one is almost 2 months old and still undervalued. At the time of the big dump, we had support of around 190k, which shows that we have a lot of holder who believe in the project. When I say a lot, it's obviously in relation to the size of the project and its very low capitalization.

What's even more incredible is that we were able to build a solid base even before the bullpad and the influx of so many people.
19 days ago
EARLY ACCESS — ETH ETF, Bullish or Bearish?

Will we see $15B in ETH ETF inflows?

Listen now 👇
Astro peng
23 days ago

Him, on the other hand, makes me want to LONG so badly!

The location, its resistance against #Bitcoin   and the news concerning a launch of ETH SPOT ETFs at any moment, make me bullish!!

But it's impossible for me to LONG with my negative bias on BTC. So I prefer to wait a little longer.

Many will call me a little pussy and I will respond: "It's impossible to buy the perfect bottom and sell the perfect top."

We have the time !!!!!!!!!!
28 days ago
The community of Solana is bullish everywhere.

This new initiative of Solana Summit is coming up in every city Lisbon, Denver, Boston, Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam and many more.

It's a revolution🔥🔥
29 days ago
GM my fellow black cats
The Cat Stays Black
#Solana #bullish #memecoin
30 days ago
GM my fellow $nigi and about to be nigi.
The Cat Stays Black
- Always.
#bullish #BullVerse #Solana
30 days ago
Been in hibernation all week. Time to wake up! #bullish
30 days ago
Magic Internet Money Summer is upon us! 🌴🌊 So bullish on $MIM ! @MagicInternetMoney 🔥⚡️
1 month ago
Daily Memecoin Recap - June 18

Low volume day compared to yesterday

Still some good plays

Heavy Hitters
$billy -> $17 .33m to $64 .4m (3.71x), continues to get pushed by whales
$wolf -> $16m to $61m (3.81x), controlled supply by a good team = bullish

Dog meta on top
$holdy -> hit $4m , CTO
$jotchua -> hit $2 .7m
$henry -> hit $1 .7m, CTO
$booper -> hit $1 .7m, good team
$shibby -> hit $774k , CTO
$pawtus -> hit $593k ,
POTUS + dog meta, CTO
$bunny -> hit $590k , CTO
$honey -> hit $525k
$peep -> hit $512k

Martin Shkreli bets that $djt is really Trump's coin
- GCR offered to bet $100m
zachxbt is exposing $djt & insiders
MartinShkreli is exposed for being related to the $djt launch

Trump Rally
$maga -> hit $2m , "maganomics"
- Trump had a rally today, people were speculating on him to talk about $djt /crypto

$diamond -> $256k to $1 .4m (5.47x), "diamond hands"

$chippy -> hit $7m , big KOLs supporting
$wig -> hit $2 .3m
$pvidia -> hit $724k , $pepe + $nvidia

One day market is hot, next day market is dead

Let's see what tomorrow brings🤝
1 month ago
gm bros 🤘

i have no idea what landed in my cereals this morning, if the $mumu bro decided to add some extra bullish whipcream to it or sumthin but holy f*ck it feels like i'm seeing the future and it looks MAGNIFICIENT

you bros are absolute chads, let that be known 💜
1 month ago
Part #2
MEME and Community $nigi got them both.

Yesterday we introduced you with rock `n roll nigi!
Today, representing you - LOFI nigi!
We are a creative open-minded bunch here at $nigi
1 month ago
GMigi from $nigi family
1 month ago (E)
MEME and Community $nigi got them both.

We are a creative open-minded bunch here at $nigi
One of our beloved community members created this song! Check it out below! #memecoin #SolanaMemecoin #bullish
1 month ago (E)
Good afternoon everyone hope you guys having a bull week 📈
$ZACK is at a great pivot point to get your bags filled holders is growing by the day we are in the accumulation period and when it moves it wil go hyperbolic 🚀💯

With the man leading the way

It's Simple
buy $ZACK



#ZACK #bullish
Astro peng
1 month ago

The bane since last Wednesday during the last FOMC!

And yes, the FED has really hampered our plans.

For the moment cryptos are under great bearish pressure from the FOMC. But the S&P500 and NASDAQ are holding up. But be careful because if they start to correct it, we'll pay twice as much.

Afterwards, we can decorrelate this summer thanks to the ETH SPOT ETF but not sure...

So yes I am Bullish in the medium and long term as explained in previous tweets but in the short term I don't like it at all.

So do you think you'll see a Bull or Bear summer?
1 month ago
gm bros ☕️

woke up thinking today was monday, giggling in anticipation knowing that we have absolute banger announcements planned for this week


it's sunday

so i am handing over green candles to y'alls bros because you aren't nearly bullish enough with what's coming

1 month ago
Bullish to be on BullVerse!

Kitsune is a utility project that uses Raid 2 Earn (R2E) to incentivise engagement on social media posts.

The Kitsune Raid Suite is available for free to any project, with any Solana token, in any Telegram.

If you are interested rewarding your community today in your own token feel free to get in contact or follow the attached user guide to get started.

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